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Track & Control How often you masturbate.

  • Do you often forget the last time of masturbation activity?

  • 🗓

    Do you want to see what is your monthly/daily masturbation activity?

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    And that too safely & securely.

What it is?

  • checkmark icon greenOne click to set masturbation activity.
  • checkmark icon greenMonthly calendar view.
  • checkmark icon greenLast time masturbated information.
  • checkmark icon greenEffective numbers day wise.
1. click whenever you masturbate 💦step 1 of this app
2. maybe check last time you masturbated before going ahead ⏲step 2 of this app
3. monthly history, so you can cheer at the end 🎉step 3 of this app

What it isn't?

  • checkmark icon redNo hard controls.
  • checkmark icon redNot a reminder like.
  • checkmark icon redNo support to any movements in particular.

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we respect your privacy.

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